Marketing Your Hotel in a Post-COVID World Requires AI

Since the start of COVID-19, customer expectations have shifted, specifically to value safety and cleanliness. As travel begins to resume, however, each customer’s recovery roadmap and comfort level with travelling will be different. Some may crave a vacation immediately and will be willing to brave the airport whereas others might be more cautious. For customers to believe that their once trusted brands understand and care about them, hoteliers will need to ensure that the experiences they’re promoting to each customer are aligned with the individual’s expectations and that the incentives they’re offering are relevant as well. For example, an offer for a hotel in a big city would be much more suited to a more adventurous consumer while the more cautious customer might appreciate offers around future trips or secluded cabins.

But how can hoteliers get this difficult aspect of marketing correct? With the help of artificial intelligence. To learn more about how AI can help brands adapt their loyalty and marketing strategies, HT spoke with Christian Selchau-Hansen, co-founder and CEO of

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