“Build a better future than the one you thought was certain.”
Hoteliers remain positive, get creative
Countless hoteliers with cooler heads are counting on positivity—with a focus on the vital role hospitality continues to play—and an eye toward the future, to see them, their properties or companies through this challenging time.
Hotel markets in the U.S. optimistic and poised for future success—once the current crisis begins to subside—include Philadelphia, reports HNN contributor Alicia Hoisington.
Reasons for this optimism include Philly’s diverse demand drivers, with its health care and education sectors, restaurants and historical sites drawing large numbers of visitors.
“Philadelphia has shown time and again that we are a resilient destination that digs deep and exhibits unstoppable ingenuity and grit when times get tough. We already have the wheels in motion to produce a strong recovery effort based off lessons learned and best practices,” said Kavin Schieferdecker, SVP of the convention division at the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We remain very optimistic that the tourism industry will come back to pre-coronavirus levels and continue the momentum and growth we had experienced as a destination over the last five to 10 years.”