“From the moment you walk into the hotel, we offer a full contactless experience,” Hôtel Monville Director of Sales and Marketing Jean-Cédric Callies said. “Guests loved that they could check in [in] 30 to 45 seconds and go straight to their room and get items without interacting with anyone.” In the midst of the coronavirus, reviewers have praised the contactless experience they’ve encountered at the hotel, Callies said. Hôtel Monville is one of several hoteliers looking into the further use of robots as a way to bring gun-shy visitors back to their hotels. Having to adhere to new, enhanced, stricter health and cleaning standards, and adjusting to new consumer behaviors toward human-to-human interactions, hotel operators and hospitality experts say they expect to see an acceleration in demand for robots to clean and sanitize rooms and deliver food and drink. “The robots are coming,” NYU Tisch Center of Hospitality Adjunct Professor Max Starkov said.